Bridesmaid Essentials kit

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The Bridesmaid Essentials is a perfect and practical little kit for your customers to head off any pesky fashion emergency that could happen to them on such a special day. A great gift idea for the bridal party.
Contents are housed in a convenient, compact, reusable jewel case and easy to display.

Reusable jewel case is packaged In hanging / standing sealed clamshell package that measures: 6 1/2 X” H X 6” W X 1” D



• 6 double-sided tapes
• 1 reusable jewel case
• 6 heel protector strips
• 1 Pr. non-skid shoe pads
• deodorant sponge
• stain remover
• emery board
• 2 dental floss
• 2 lint sheets
• sewing kit
• safety pin
• hair elastic